Metal Detector: The unbelievable android application

The third installment in a line of utility apps, the Metal Detector Android app from Smart Tools may be the ticket to finding buried treasure, or at least to finding your keys in a mess of other stuff.


Metal Detector Android Apps Review

As the name would suggest, the Metal Detector Android app uses your Android’s built in sensors to detect metal and magnetic fields. It’s the kind of thing you knew your Android could do, but until now I doubt you saw much of a purpose for the feature.

A color-coded meter and numerical value display on the page. Blue means you are reading lower than average. The developers suggest approximately 49μT (microtesla) for an average magnetic field reading. If you’re in the green that means your reading is close to this standard. If your Android turns red it means you’ve got some serious metal detecting action going on.

It’s pretty neat to run this handy app while sweeping your office, living room sofa or your car. Although detecting it metals though my emulator does sends it into convulsions sometimes.


User Interface

There isn’t much to the Metal Detector Android app. Tap the app icon to open it and voila! Instant Metal Detector action.

There is a brief manual tucked into your Android’s menu button that tells you about the levels and how to tweak your Metal Detector Android app’s sensors. Additional info includes links to more Smart Tools products and the app’s homepage.

It is an extremely straightforward Android app. At least it’s super easy to use.


Metal Detector Android App Review

There is one glaringly obvious flaw in this “metal detector” app. In reality the Metal Detector Android app detects magnetic fields, not the actual presence of metal. So despite the fact that things like aluminium are indeed made out of metal, the Metal Detector Android app has no response to them whatsoever.

There is no setting to change what exactly this app detects. So unless you’re after a highly magnetic type of metal and you can get super close to it this app has very little range, making it pretty useless.





Despite my nit picking, the Metal Detector Android app is still pretty neat, especially with the handy price tag of free.

It’s worth getting this app to pull out for the occasional party trick, or if you want to find out which couch cushion ate your keys when you’re running late for work. Just don’t expect this app to be useful in say a search for buried treasure. The sensors just aren’t strong enough.

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