CamScanner-Pdf Creator: Scan all your documents with clarity

CamScanner-PDF Creator is an app that instantly turns your Android phone into a scanner. It is one of those apps that is so simple you wonder why no one thought of it before. With CamScanner, you can take a photo of a receipt, document, note, bill, books, magazines, newspapers and then convert it into a PDF. You can save the PDF files on your phone’s SD card or share it on the internet.

How to Use CamScanner-PDF Creator (basics):

  • You can either use the phone’s camera or choose an existing photo from your gallery that you would like to convert to PDF.
  • After using the camera, just click OK. A new screen will pop out after. On that screen, you can finally choose to enhance the photo that you want to convert to PDF. Just click the Check symbol then you’re done!


  1. Camscanner-PDF Creator converts photos to PDF faster than any other scanner app.
  2. CamScanner’s results are impressive. It does an amazing job of enhancing the image quality.
  3. CamScanner can take pictures of multi page documents and convert into PDF fast. The whole process is called batch scanning.
  4. You can sync or back-up your PDF files to Dropbox, Google Docs or
  5. Send or share your PDF files to your Facebook, twitter or Gmail account.
  6. Navigation all throughout the app is simple and uncomplicated. There is also an easily understandable quick start guide featured on the main page of the application so you won’t get lost.
  7. Managing PDF files is easy. You can add tags to your documents so you can easily search and find them later.
  8. You can choose what paper size you prefer. Default size is A4.


  1. Texts within PDFs are not searchable. I believe this feature is available for the iPhone version of the application.
  2. Automatic cropping of images is unreliable sometimes, so you have no choice but to do it manually.


It works! It’s as simple as that. Does exactly what it is claimed. It is smart, efficient and useful in so many ways. CamScanner-PDF Creator for Android provides you a great and easy way of making PDF documents using only your phone’s camera. Perfect for students and business minded people.

Appometer Verdict: This is really crucial app for people on move who have to keep tab of a lot of documents.

Download from Android Play Store:

Click here to Download CamScanner

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