Fast Burst Camera: The quickest way to click a pic

It goes without saying that we all use the cameras on our smartphone a lot more than we used to, because mobile camera technology has got better, the ability to share on social networks has improved too.However there occasions when even the best smartphone with the best camera can become useless, and that is often when you want to take images of fast moving items, such as sports. I can think of many occasions where I should have had an app like this on my phone but haven’t.
This app was created to mimic the fast burst camera mode feature on the Samsung Galaxy S III. Created by XDA Senior Member androidindian, this app allows those with older phones to experience what users on newer devices now take for granted.

You could record video I hear you say. That you could. If you had the HTC One X, you could then capture an image from the video at a later date. That is fine. But, what if you don’t have a One X, or you just want to have the simple life of capturing sports there and then as photos and without the photos becoming all blurry and squashy.
This is where you need an app like Fast Burst Camera.

Now there are many similar apps, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.
What I like about Fast Burst is that it just works and does what it says.
I tried it out on a number of devices including the Samsung Galaxy S3,Samsung Galaxy Pop and a couple of Emulators.

The software, which is free from Google Play, lets you take up to 30 photos per second. 30 per second (device dependant)!!!
This has to be one of, if not the fastest camera app available for Android or perhaps any other OS.

There are enough customisation options to keep you happy, but not so many that you get bogged down in all the options. You have the ability to change the settings you need. Be it the shot mode or the location of where images are stored.

here are two versions, a FREE one and a paid for option. The difference is that the paid for version, you get zoom, exposure and flash options. In all honesty for most occasions you do not need this and therefore the FREE app will be sufficient but, for what is a very reasonable price of around Rs.185 the cost is outweighed by the long term benefits. Remember, once you have purchased it, you can use it on all of your Android devices.
Hold shoot button for continuous burst, or tap for fast single shots There is zero shutter lag – pictures are taken as soon as shutter button is pressed.

Image quality can be set, but it is fair to say that the final result is not as good as if you took time to compose the photo or were using a dedicated camera in sports/burst mode. However you have to consider this is you smartphone doing this and the results are more than acceptable for the main occasions you would need to use this.
Picture quality is affected by light, camera stability etc. but overall not bad results.

There isn’t much more I can say about this app that it does just what you want it too. It is a no nonsense approach to fast image capture. Once you have the images you can do what you like, but I have to date used few other applications that come close to the speed at which this app takes photos.

Appometer Verdict: This empowers the old android phone cameras to work like galaxy s2 class cameras with higher capabilities.

Download from Android Play Store:

Click here to Download Fast Burst Camera

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CamScanner-Pdf Creator: Scan all your documents with clarity

CamScanner-PDF Creator is an app that instantly turns your Android phone into a scanner. It is one of those apps that is so simple you wonder why no one thought of it before. With CamScanner, you can take a photo of a receipt, document, note, bill, books, magazines, newspapers and then convert it into a PDF. You can save the PDF files on your phone’s SD card or share it on the internet.

How to Use CamScanner-PDF Creator (basics):

  • You can either use the phone’s camera or choose an existing photo from your gallery that you would like to convert to PDF.
  • After using the camera, just click OK. A new screen will pop out after. On that screen, you can finally choose to enhance the photo that you want to convert to PDF. Just click the Check symbol then you’re done!


  1. Camscanner-PDF Creator converts photos to PDF faster than any other scanner app.
  2. CamScanner’s results are impressive. It does an amazing job of enhancing the image quality.
  3. CamScanner can take pictures of multi page documents and convert into PDF fast. The whole process is called batch scanning.
  4. You can sync or back-up your PDF files to Dropbox, Google Docs or
  5. Send or share your PDF files to your Facebook, twitter or Gmail account.
  6. Navigation all throughout the app is simple and uncomplicated. There is also an easily understandable quick start guide featured on the main page of the application so you won’t get lost.
  7. Managing PDF files is easy. You can add tags to your documents so you can easily search and find them later.
  8. You can choose what paper size you prefer. Default size is A4.


  1. Texts within PDFs are not searchable. I believe this feature is available for the iPhone version of the application.
  2. Automatic cropping of images is unreliable sometimes, so you have no choice but to do it manually.


It works! It’s as simple as that. Does exactly what it is claimed. It is smart, efficient and useful in so many ways. CamScanner-PDF Creator for Android provides you a great and easy way of making PDF documents using only your phone’s camera. Perfect for students and business minded people.

Appometer Verdict: This is really crucial app for people on move who have to keep tab of a lot of documents.

Download from Android Play Store:

Click here to Download CamScanner

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GalaxIR : The best Space War strategy game on Android

GalaxIR is a space strategy game where you aim to conquer the universe one star system at a time.You send your ships to various planets to occupy them or drive the host forces out!

Free version feels limited, even for a free version.
Graphics are a bit on the basic side.
Has this habit of going from easy on one level to completely impossible the next.


GalaxIR offers a wealth of features and options, in addition to far more difficulty levels. There are also upgrades in GalaxIR and you can send a variety of new ship types to vanquish your enemies.You have up to 3 other AI enemies and you have to gradually whittle these down to size.And it is a very fast game.

I did find the free version of GalaxIR a bit limited however, even for a free version of a game. You only have access to 2 out of a whopping 23 sectors from the full game and the better ships to buy are also unavailable. I guess this is an alternative to placing ads in a game, simply encouraging players to go for the full version through limiting access to certain features, but I’m unsure which makes me want to invest in the full game more. I just felt there might not be enough for gamers to tempt them into buying the full version.


When the plot of a game is as simple as ‘the goal is to conquer the enemy planets’, there’s no way that it can really fail.
The game is lots of fun in a solo mode, but even more so in multiplayer and there are plenty of extra features to keep you entertained such as new ships and sectors to beat. While the game is good, I did find occasionally the learning curve very steep- I’d win one game with ease then get blown away in the next, which isn’t fun and destroys your ambition to play on. Massively enjoyable however when you get a good run going.And when you have paid to get a full version which is worth it.


The graphics are quite basic to be honest, but perhaps marginally better than those on Archipelago. Nothing to write home about but they are bright, quick and smooth. Just lacking in much detail.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The music is very old-skool, reminds me of retro arcade games and weirdly, RPG background music. Could be much better but it takes little away from the gaming experience.

However I strongly feel the free version is very limiting and may ultimately put people off the idea of getting the full version, it shouldn’t have buy-rights because GalaxIR is a fine game and lots of fun, but the free version might not be enough to coax people in. I’m a big fan of strategy games and GalaxIR is a great addition to the genre on Android. Certainly check it out.

Appometer Verdict:A fast basic graphics game which is very addicting and doubt it should be missed

Download from Android Play Store:
Click here to Download GalaxIR

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Another WhatsApp Vulnerability Leaked: IMEI Number As Password – Dailyjag

Another WhatsApp Vulnerability Leaked: IMEI Number As Password – Dailyjag.

It seems that WhatsApp is full of vulnerabilities. Last year in May, it was revealed to the world that WhatsApp accounts could be hijacked without the user knowing it. This year in January, we came to know that the status of a WhatsApp user could be changed remotely. It was found in May 2011 that WhatsApp sends communication in plaintext and was fixed a year later in May this year. It hasn’t been a long time since these vulnerabilities were fixed. Now there’s a new vulnerability to make both WhatsApp and its users to worry about.


International Dragon Boat Festival – Wazaap!Wazaap!

International Dragon Boat Festival – Wazaap!Wazaap!.

The 2012 Kaiser Permanente San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival will be September 15-16, 2012 at Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA. Be sure to check out our international line-up of entertainment, food, merchants, racing teams, and family activities. (Read more from